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By on Mar 27, 2016 in Celiac Disease | 1 comment

As the weekend is coming to a close, I’m sitting on my couch writing the first blog post about my wife, Julie, and her struggle with Celiac disease.  Celiac has made a big impact on our lives, bigger than anything we could have ever imagined.  Last year we lost two children, something we’ll never recover from, let alone understand.  Today is our second baby’s due date, so it was exceptionally challenging for both of us. Fortunately, we had family with us to help us cope. We’ve learned over the years that Celiac disease can mean a lot of different things.  Some people have it and don’t experience symptoms.  Others have debilitating intestinal damage that takes years to heal.  Celiac doesn’t present itself as obvious as other diseases, and the damage that’s done can’t be fixed by a pill or surgery.  You literally have to come back to life...

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