The Early Warning Signs of Celiac Disease

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The early warning signs of Celiac Disease are a mixed bag of ailments that do not necessarily point to any one concrete diagnosis. Most people that are diagnosed with Celiac have had test after test run, missed diagnosis, or even had their symptoms dismissed by a doctor as ‘normal aches and pains.’ For Julie, the signs were not obviously related to Celiac disease, nor were they even related to one another. From physical ailments to focus issues, there was always something that got in the way. Diet not working? One thing that stood out among her sisters was that her body type was different. She was slightly overweight for her height, but the weight on her hips was disproportionate to the weight everywhere else. It made her self-conscious about wearing bikinis and short shorts.  She worked harder than most to keep the weight down and her strength up, but as she got older, it...

Celiac Disease and Broken Bones

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There are dozens of symptoms of Celiac Disease, some are more prevalent than others, and some are more difficult to deal with than others. Over the last several years, Julie has experienced many symptoms including trembling stomach cramps, constant fatigue, irritability, severe headaches, skin changes, debilitating joint pain, bone loss and broken bones. By the time we finally got her Celiac diagnosis, her nutrient levels were through the floor. Her first broken bone was in her foot, which she wasn’t overly concerned about. The second was a stress fracture in her leg, which could have been from anything, but she attributed to weight loss and physical training before our wedding. The third broken bone was more serious, so we started looking for answers. At first, we wondered if it was her thyroid medication. We found a possible connection, but we also skeptical because she had a...

Where Do I Begin?

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The last couple of months have been incredibly challenging. After the due date for our child passed, our sadness accumulated to the point of boiling over. There is an unthinkable feeling of emptiness combined with the question of whether we could have done anything to save her. We question ourselves every day as to what went wrong, what we may or may not have done correctly, and where do we go from here? Our first instinct was to make someone pay for this. How could such a thing happen, especially in this day of modern medicine? We talked to people about it, but the reaction was not exactly what we were expecting. Surprisingly, people did not want to talk to us about it, pushing it off as any other tragedy in life. “Have you talked to a professional?,” was the most common question people asked us, as if talking to a professional would make us feel any more complete....

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