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Welcome MyCeliacWife.com visitors!  My name is Scott, and my wife Julie has the autoimmune disorder known as Celiac Disease. Some of you may have stumbled upon our website while looking for information on Celiac Disease and how it affects others. We created MyCeliacWife.com to spread awareness of Celiac Disease and to have a place where we could vent about the treatment that Celiac sufferers often receive. We are frequently appalled by the behavior of people toward the gluten free community, and witness countless headlines and articles that build a mystery around the condition. All of this clouds judgement and forms biased opinions about Celiac Disease that do nothing but hurt the inflicted.

When Julie received the diagnosis, we were not exactly sure what to do. The doctor had informed her that she would absolutely not be able to eat gluten again, but never described the sensitivity that one builds as gluten is removed from your diet. This led to bouts of stomach sickness and general unpleasantness for much of the first year. After seeing a different doctor, we focused more on natural healing and avoiding gluten cross-contamination. As we understood what Celiac Disease actually does to the body, we were much better equipped to handle the healing process. We learned that it would be years before she would fully recover, if ever.

We realize that we’re just one of many blogs on the subject, but if just one person reads our posts and feels better about themselves, it was all worth it. We write about topics that are near and dear to us, topics that are often difficult to write in detail. We welcome your questions, comments, and stories. We plan to share as openly and hope you do the same. Please visit our contact page if you would like to submit your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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