The Early Warning Signs of Celiac Disease

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The early warning signs of Celiac Disease are a mixed bag of ailments that do not necessarily point to any one concrete diagnosis. Most people that are diagnosed with Celiac have had test after test run, missed diagnosis, or even had their symptoms dismissed by a doctor as ‘normal aches and pains.’ For Julie, the signs were not obviously related to Celiac disease, nor were they even related to one another. From physical ailments to focus issues, there was always something that got in the way. Diet not working? One thing that stood out among her sisters was that her body type was different. She was slightly overweight for her height, but the weight on her hips was disproportionate to the weight everywhere else. It made her self-conscious about wearing bikinis and short shorts.  She worked harder than most to keep the weight down and her strength up, but as she got older, it...

Celiac Disease and Being Glutened

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When you have Celiac Disease, you have days that are manageable, and you have days that are tough to get through. The diet restrictions alone are enough to keep you from enjoying some of the good things in life like dining out or traveling to new places. Since Julie’s diagnosis, we found that gluten free choices are limited to more than just places that advertise gluten free, but places that truly understand the contamination risks and take precautions to get the order right. There have been a few times we were either rushed or misunderstood and the order was not right, which led to Julie ‘being glutened’. We use the term being glutened like we use ‘food poisoning’, but the physical healing time from being exposed to gluten can last for days beyond the exposure. The mental and emotional effects can last longer. It is critical that we limit the chances that...

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