The Early Warning Signs of Celiac Disease

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The early warning signs of Celiac Disease are a mixed bag of ailments that do not necessarily point to any one concrete diagnosis. Most people that are diagnosed with Celiac have had test after test run, missed diagnosis, or even had their symptoms dismissed by a doctor as ‘normal aches and pains.’ For Julie, the signs were not obviously related to Celiac disease, nor were they even related to one another. From physical ailments to focus issues, there was always something that got in the way.

Julie by the Farm

Diet not working?

One thing that stood out among her sisters was that her body type was different. She was slightly overweight for her height, but the weight on her hips was disproportionate to the weight everywhere else. It made her self-conscious about wearing bikinis and short shorts.  She worked harder than most to keep the weight down and her strength up, but as she got older, it got tougher to maintain strength. She tried restricting her diet, going vegetarian, reducing her grain intake, and juicing but things continued to get worse. Doctors never related her dietary tribulations with Ceilac Disease.

Joint pain or broken bones?

Julie Resting from Bone and Joint Pain

Julie takes frequent rests due to bone and joint pain.

Early on in our relationship, Julie and I had a much more active lifestyle than we do today. I was always athletic, and Julie played soccer into college until she broke her foot. She was told that in order to play again, she’d have to get reconstructive surgery.  As a poor college student, there wasn’t the time or money for that just to play soccer. She figured it would heal like everything else had, but it continued to get worse. She visited several doctors over the years, most of which were gloom and doom. Even after breaking her leg, her diet was never in question. Doctors never attributed her joint pain and broken bones as early warning signs of Celiac Disease.

Unexplained skin irritation?

Before our wedding, Julie was experiencing skin irritation on her neck and back. Her inkling was it might have been from her environment. She managed an Enterprise car rental location that had car soap everywhere, bad air freshener clogging your nose and random unsavory characters breezing through the door. Her doctor prescribed her medication that cleared her skin in time for the wedding, but the side effects were too much for her to take beyond the first couple months of our marriage. Doctors never connected her skin condition with other ailments related to Celiac Disease.

These are just a few of the early warning signs of Celiac Disease. There are many resources for finding out more about Celiac Disease. Whether it’s you, a friend or a family member that are afflicted with the disease, learn more about how to spot the symptoms and be proactive in helping others. Not everything points to Celiac Disease, but like many autoimmune disorders, there are signs that signal a need to at least check the person for many possible causes.

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